DIY Crayon Initial Art

Okay ladies and gentlemen it is time that I stop showing you other people’s nurseries and ideas and start showing you what I actually did in Emma Grace’s nursery.  So for the next couple weeks I will start showing you all the little projects that we did along the way and then I will show you what her room looked like when she was born and how we have made some changes now that she is a year old (ouch that still hurts to say!).

Before Emma Grace was born I had picked out quite a few DIY projects that I wanted to do.  I know it sounds silly but if I kept myself busy it helped with my HG in the last trimester of my pregnancy.  Basically I tried to keep my mind off the constant nausea by keeping glue in my hands and my foot on a sewing machine pedal!  I found this awesome project on Frugal Life Project using crayons and I thought it would be a way to bring “not so serious” artwork into the room.  I wanted the room to be fun playful.  Originally I thought it would great in a playroom but since we are all out of extra rooms in the house I figured why not the nursery!

Hop on over to the Frugal Life Project and check out an awesome tutorial with great pictures on how to make your own crayon initial artwork.  I pretty much followed the tutorial step by step but did a couple things different.  Instead of gluing the crayons directly on the paper with the letter outline I used that paper as a guide to line everything up.  Once all the crayons were exactly how I wanted them I transferred them to my cardstock and glued them one at a time.  Also being a bit of a perfectionist I had a hard time trying to get the crayons to look good on the cut end.  I used a combination of scoring the crayons like described in the tutorial but I also used an old knife and heated it up over a candle so that when I cut the crayons it actually melted them a bit creating a smooth cut.

Originally I was just going to do only pink and green crayons to match her nursery.  At the Crayola store you can actually buy a custom 64 pack of crayons that include four of your favorite colors!  I thought it would be so cool for a project like this.  In the end I decided that everything in the room was already so color coordinated that once I put them on a green background I thought all the different crayon colors would be fun.  So although I didn’t order a custom box I may have to in the future for another project!


I had a great time with this project!  Have you made any custom artwork with crayons?  I know awhile back there was a huge craze on Pintrest with melted crayons and those were all so neat.  That would be a great project to order crayons for!  Stay tuned for more DIY nursery projects!


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