Happy Halloween and Pumpkin Fun!

Are you all ready for a fun night of trick or treating?  We sure are!  I am putting the last couple touches on Emma Grace’s costume and Jake’s is all ready to go!  I can’t wait to share pictures with you guys!

Last week Jeremy was able to sneak out with the kids and go pick up some pumpkins at our church’s pumpkin patch.  I’m kind of bummed I didn’t get to go this year but I did get to take a couple of pictures when we went to the farmer’s market!  Does that count for a check on my bucket list?  We did end up carving a one of the pumpkins last week while Nana was here.  Although Jake’s once scary pumpkin is now all wrinkled and looks like an old man!  Not so much scary anymore…just creepy!  So while I finish up putting some spots on little Miss Pebbles’ costume for tonight, enjoy some kind of  pumpkin patch..ish pics of my cute kiddos!

Miss EG and I were able to make it one day without the boys.  This is one of my favorite outfits!  Her headband reminds me of Lucy from I Love Lucy!

I think it is impossible to get these two to sit still long enough to get a good picture!

On the other hand my sweet nephew is always a ham and is fun to photograph!  He is wearing a shirt that my Mom picked him up that says “Judge me by my size do you?”  Pretty funny if you ask me because he is standing next to HUGE pumpkins!

Do you like her quick wardrobe change?  Another day another outfit!

This handsome boy though…that smile!  Ahh I love it!!

Happy Halloween!

Modern Cribs Go Clear :: Nursery Tuesday

It’s fun.  It’s unique.  It’s different.  It is one of the most unlikely materials of choice when designing a nursery…clear acrylic.  Some lovers of more traditional style furniture may say its cold and stark and has no room in a nursery but many furniture designers are fighting back with unique designs that are starting to appeal to all sorts of tastes.

Ubabub is one of those designers that has mixed the typically cold clear material with warm wood tones and soft lines to make a beautiful and unique crib.  I first stumbled on to  Ubabub through Lilly & Lolly awhile back and fell in love with their Pod Crib.  I think the main reason why I loved it so much was because I had never seen anything like it before.  With all the hype over crib bedding lately and whether or not to use bumpers I am loving the fact that with a crib like this you don’t need to worry about bumpers or skirts.  Without any slats there is no need to worry over little arms and legs getting stuck.  It’s beautiful by itself.  It doesn’t need anything else to take away from its design.  See all of those cute little shapes on the side?  They have been laser cut to give additional airflow.  Pretty cool huh?

Pod Cot by Ubabub

Ubabub is now available in the US through a partnership with MDB and after showing at the ABC Kids Expo this year they are receiving a lot of press.  Their Nifty Clear Crib also features their unique clear sides but in a bit more of a traditional silhouette.  The shape kind of reminds me of the Oeuf Sparrow Crib.

Nifty Clear Crib by Ubabub

 Nurseryworks took the typically conservative nursery furniture world by storm with the introduction of their Vetro all acrylic crib two years ago.  A crib made of 100% clear acrylic.  Now that is something no one has ever seen before.  Paired with the always fun Nook Pebble Mattress it looks sleek and fabulous!

This year at the ABC Show Nurseryworks unveiled that the Vetro crib will now be available in blue!

Vetro Crib in Blue by Nurseryworks

Apartment Therapy

It looks like the MDB family is taking a clean sweep with the clear crib fad with Babyletto’s addition of the a new finish to their popular Harlow crib.  If you are not fully committed to the clear revolution then you might want to look into the Harlow crib which will now only feature one side in clear while the other remaining three sides in the traditional wood.  It is quite an interesting concept!

Harlow Crib from Babyletto

Apartment Therapy
So what is your take?  Are loving the clear crib or is it just not your fave?
Personally…I’m loving it!

Custom Infinity Tattoo Design with Personalization Now Available in the Shop!

I am so happy to announce that after doing a couple sketches for some very sweet readers I have decided to offer a custom infinity tattoo design just like mine in my Etsy Shop!  If you can remember wayyy back it all started with an Inspiration Wednesday post all about the inspiration behind a tattoo design that was eight years in the making.  You can check out the original post here.  Then I finally got my sketches just right and told you all about my experience and the reason behind why I fell in love with my design here.

Personalized Children's Name Infinity Tattoo by jRoxDesigns

You can now help design your very own personalized infinity tattoo!

Personalized Children's Name Infinity Tattoo by jRoxDesigns

With the custom design you can pick the size and handwriting style that you like and I will take care of the rest.  Have another idea in mind?  Not a problem because I love a challenge!  Once we talk about your vision of exactly how you want your artwork to look you will receive a proof.  After any last tweaking I will send you a high resolution digital file for you already sized to your specifications.  All you have to do is take it to your artist and let them take care of the rest.  Once everything is healed up I would love for you to come back by and share a photo with us!!  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at amber@jroxdesigns or check out the shop for more details.

Toddler Girl Fall Fashions :: Inspiration Wednesdays

Have you ever thought about what you would buy if you won the lottery? We also joke in our house about all the fun things we would get. The other day while pondering what to wear that day it hit me that the first thing I would have to do is buy a whole new wardrobe! Wouldn’t that be fun? Let’s be honest though I never buy myself clothes anymore because I am always going crazy over all of the cute little girls clothes. Now that Emma Grace has graduated from sweet baby clothes to miniature big girl style clothes I don’t know what to do with myself. Now she can wear real shoes and no more snap pants…it is all about the adjustable waist bands! I know I sound crazy but I think toddler clothes are just more fun! So just in case I win the lottery next week I thought I would share with you all the cute fall fashions that I would have to stock Emma Grace’s closet with!

Fall 2012 Toddler Collection by United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton
Button Front Performance Fleece Coat by Old Navy

Old Navy

The Boston Cowl by The Velvet Acorn on Etsy

The Velvet Acorn on Etsy

Sasha Shirt Dress by OdeKids


Fall 2012 Toddler Collection by United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton

Hooded Windbreaker by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Cap by H&M

Scavenger Hunt Dress by Anthem of the Ants
Allie Herringbone Flat by Ralph Lauren

Where The Wild Things Are Nursery Mood Board :: Nursery Tuesday

In my fashion design classes in college we were always making mood boards and concept boards for not only our own collections but other designers collections that inspired us as well.  It was a way to take an idea, an intangible thought and make it into something you could see, something you could visualize into reality.  On our boards we put together not only garment sketches but colors, fabrics and textures that inspired us.  Once I graduated, I spent several years working at a baby boutique where everyday I enjoyed designing unique nurseries for expecting parents.  Together with our clients we would pick out every element of the room starting with the furniture, bedding, lighting, artwork and completing the space with accessories.  The other day I was reminded of how much I loved making moldboards and I thought it would be so much fun to mix in my passion for nursery design and bring you a new addition to Nursery Tuesdays…Nursery Mood Boards!  Are you excited?  Because I am!

I thought I would kick things off with sharing a nursery inspired by one of my favorite children’s books, “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak.  I’ve always loved this book and I feel like I have read it a million times as I’m sure most parents have!  The book’s illustrations are beautiful and help bring the story to life.  The mix of textures in the artwork and colors in the story are a great starting point to a unique nursery.  By mixing muted earthy tones and natural elements any nursery would become a  sweet retreat.

Where The Wild Things Are Nursery Moodboard by jRoxDesigns

1. “Where The Wild Things Are” Nursery Print by Olive and Birch on Etsy  – 2. Sparrow Crib by Oeuf – 3. Braided Storage Collection by West Elm – 4. Birch Lamp by Stanton Home Furnishings  – 5. – Sparrow 3 Drawer Dresser by Oeuf – 6. Wild Things Crown by Oeuf – 7. Sparrow Nightstand by Oeuf – 8. “Where The Wild Things Are” Story Mobile by A Continual Lullaby on Etsy – 9. Personalized Story Blocks by Personalized Blocks on Etsy – 10. Luca Glider by Monte Design

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