Conquering Manual Mode :: Photography Cheat Sheets

I am a visual person!  I learn best when I can see something.  Seeing is understanding for me!  If you tell me something you better have a visual to back you up or there is a big chance I’ll probably forget it.  When it comes to photography I am still trying to conquer manual mode.  Each day is a new challenge and I learn best by taking a ton of pictures.  I’ll shoot the same subject over and over but  manipulate each aspect of shooting until I get my settings exactly how I like them.  Then instead of automatically deleting the bad ones off the camera I download them and look at the difference between each shot and study the settings.

Along my journey I’ve come across so many helpful visual aids that I thought I would share with you guys today!  Hopefully they can help you conquer manual mode too!  Enjoy!

Miguel Gantioqui

I also love the updated version of Miguel’s ever popular Photography Cheat Sheet that he just published!

Miguel Gantioqui


The Daily Digi via Patty A. on Pintrest

Sunny 16

Some Guy (Art) via Flickr originally found via Aimee L. on Pintrest

Shutter Speed

It’s Overflowing via Julia R. on Pintrest

White Balance

Gayle Vehar from Mom and Camera on Lil Blue Boo

Happy Friday!  Go pull out that camera this weekend, switch it to manual and go shoot!

Emma Grace 36 Weeks

Miss Emma Grace is 36 weeks old!  I think I’m finally getting a good handle on not only setting up each shoot but conquering my skills of manual mode!  I had been noticing the difference in color from week to week and figured out I needed to correct my white balance.  So this week I metered the white balance to her white onesie and I think the results look great.  If you look really close you can even see those two new teeth she is sporting!

While you are at it I’ve added a page under photography with all of her photos so far.  Check it out here!


Have a great weekend!