Emma Grace is 19 Months Old!

Monthly Photo Project by jRoxDesigns - 19 Months

Emma Grace is growing up fast and sure is opinionated!  I saw this adorable fabric while picking up a couple of things at JoAnn’s the other week and as soon as I pulled it out and said “awww”  she grabbed it and squealed so loud!  She refused to let it go and then she hugged it for about 10 minutes straight.  Soooo I couldn’t help but grab it right up and write it off as a monthly photo fabric that will soon be turned into a new crib sheet for little missy!

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Letters To Emma Grace

19 Months Old

Emma Grace is 19 Months Old | jRoxDesigns copyright 2013

Hey there beautiful!  That is what I tell you every morning when I come to scoop you out of your crib because you are the most beautiful little girl that ever lived!  I may be biased because I’m your Mommy but those little blue eyes are just the icing on the top of the cupcake! 🙂

Emma Grace is 19 Months Old | jRoxDesigns copyright 2013

You are so independent and you have to do everything yourself but for some reason this month you have started to loosen up a little.  You actually want to hold my hand and you now love cuddling.  Yes, it sounds crazy considering ever since you were born you would rather be left alone.  You now come running to me and give me BIG hugs and refuse to let go.

Emma Grace is 19 Months Old | jRoxDesigns copyright 2013

You stumble over a toy and decide that you need me to hold you to make it better.  It’s probably not the best thing in the world to do but I buy into your dramatic productions and squeeze you tight and give you a dozen kisses until you decide that you are okay to go back and play.  I can’t help it, I feel like I have a years worth of cuddling to make up for.  Those sweet kisses and hugs remind me of why I am so proud to be your Mommy.  I know that they will not last forever and I want to enjoy them while they last!

Emma Grace is 19 Months Old | jRoxDesigns copyright 2013

You are a HAM!  You laugh at the most random things get a kick out of the littlest things.  Bubbles…funny!  Squeeky shoes…HILARIOUS!  Who knows but those little giggles make everyone around you laugh!Emma Grace is 19 Months Old | jRoxDesigns copyright 2013

You love shoes!!  I bought you these little sparkly shoes at Target because after you found them you refused to let them go.  Yepp when you find something you like you realllly feel the need to keep it.  One morning you wanted to come and play in the workshop with me and I told you only if put on some shoes.  You crawled right up the stairs and brought these little sparkle shoes back down.  How can you say no to a toddler with her big brothers old jammies on, a bow in her hair and sparkle shoes who just wants to play in the workshop?  I’m weak…I can’t say no!

Emma Grace is 19 Months Old | jRoxDesigns copyright 2013

I think it is safe to say you have an obsession with shoes.  You like to try on all of my shoes out of my closet!  You also LOVE Daddy’s shoes.  You grab them every day while he is gone at work and wear them around the house while you cry out for him.  Your Daddy is your hero and you always run to greet him at the front door when he comes home every day.  Your face lights up when you see him.  It is the sweetest thing!Emma Grace is 19 Months Old | jRoxDesigns copyright 2013One afternoon as we are walking out to the car I asked you if you wanted to go see Daddy at work.  All of the sudden you ran back inside as fast as you could.  By the time I caught you, you had grabbed a Sun Drop and were running back toward the car screaming DAAADAAAA!!  You held on to it the entire way to work and would only let go of it when you handed it to Daddy!  You love him so much!

Emma Grace is 19 Months Old | jRoxDesigns copyright 2013

You love playing with your toys as well as everything that DOESN’T belong to you!  One morning you took a paper bag and tore it down the side and then sat inside of it.  Once you realized that if you scooted all the way to the back you could use it as a chair you were THRILLED with yourself!  You brought all of your baby dolls over to sit in your chair with you.  You laughed and giggled to yourself for at least 10 minutes.  I don’t think you could get over the fact that you made something out of your bag!

Emma Grace is 19 Months Old | jRoxDesigns copyright 2013

You have also turned into a daredevil acrobat!  You love to climb on EVERYTHING.  You have figured out how to climb up on the shelves inside the shower by pulling yourself up on the handle but you still can’t figure out how to get back down.  Same thing happened here.  Yepp you thought it would be fun to prop yourself up between the couch and the coffee table.  No worries the man of your dreams came to save you while Mommy laughed uncontrollably and took your picture.  Don’t worry you weren’t ever in any danger, you were only a foot off the ground!Emma Grace is 19 Months Old | jRoxDesigns copyright 2013

We had our first real snow this past month and you were so excited!  Brother played with all of his friends while you quietly ran around the yard exploring all of the places the snow was hiding.  You may have eaten a couple of pieces of mulch and dirt but I am happy to report you seem to have lived through it!

Emma Grace is 19 Months Old | jRoxDesigns copyright 2013

We had some problems with you sleeping through the night last month.  You would randomly wake up in the middle of the night and there would be nothing wrong, you just wanted to be held!  Oh and the only acceptable way to be held is in my bed, on my chest, with your arms and legs wrapped around me and my blankets covering you up.  Oh I loved it…the first night…then you could never get comfy enough to fall asleep so you just sat there moving around forever.  By the third night it got really old!  You did enjoy sleeping on my pillows some of the nights so I made you your very own little pillow, except now you try to use everything in the house as a pillow…including bubble wrap!

Emma Grace is 19 Months Old | jRoxDesigns copyright 2013

In some ways you are EXACTLY like your brother.  When he was about your age he had dozens of tiny cars that he would align in a perfect row.  When he got older he would even arrange them by color.  By the time he was two he had it down to a science and there were perfect little lines of dozens of teeny color coded cars all over our house!  While cooking dinner the other week I turned around and was greeted by what I fear is the start of color coded perfect straight lines of teeny tiny cars.

Emma Grace is 19 Months Old | jRoxDesigns copyright 2013

You still like to sleep late most days, which I LOVE!  But on the days Daddy opens I have to wake you up so we can take Jakie to school.  It amazes me how the second I open your door you sit straight up and are ready to go!  Jake is a morning person like Daddy and you love to sleep in just like me, but it takes Jake and I forever to actually fully wake up where you and Daddy need about a half a second to be fully alert.  I come in the morning and you always ask for Dada and Brah to see who is still home.  If I say we are going to take Jakie to school you hop down and grab your slippers and a jacket and run for the stairs.  I’m pretty sure the carpool people think I’m a slacker Mom since we both usually show up in sweatpants…but I actually put shoes on. 🙂

Emma Grace is 19 Months Old | jRoxDesigns copyright 2013

Emma Grace you LOVE to eat!  Even though you can’t say it you point to your teeth and pretty much demand to eat THAT second!  Then once I open the refrigerator door you like to stand there and check out everything to see what is the most appetizing.  Needless to say if you had it your way you would eat chocolate syrup, yogurt and cheese all day.  Oh and just for the record you have never had chocolate syrup so I don’t know how you could possibly know how good it really is! 😉

Emma Grace is 19 Months Old | jRoxDesigns copyright 2013

Actually I take it back you would eat waffles all day!  You wake up in the morning point to your teeth and scream wawwffullls!  You pretty much think they are the best things that ever happened to this earth and on special occasions I say why not!

Emma Grace is 19 Months Old | jRoxDesigns copyright 2013

I love you!



Emma Grace is 18 Months Old!

A little late posting this month but just as cute as ever in her Valentine’s Day outfit!

Monthly Photo Project by jRoxDesigns - 18 Months

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Letters To Emma Grace

18 Months Old

 You are my little princess!  Although I swore before you were born you would be the little girl dressed up in a tutu while playing in the garage with her Daddy.  Well guess what…you are just that a sassy, tough little lady!  Your Papa gave you a tiara for Christmas and you enjoy wearing it all the time.  Although you are quite funny when you throw a temper tantrum while you wear your tiara!  Unfortunately you have gotten to that age where you know exactly what you want but because you can’t get your point across to us you get very frustrated!  I learned from your dramatic big brother very well to let you just throw your little tantrum.  As long as you aren’t somewhere or doing something that can hurt yourself I just let you go.  Although you are quite funny when you stop for a moment and look around to make sure someone is paying attention! 

Your hair is finally long enough for pig tails!  At first Daddy thought you looked very silly but I think you look adorable!  It’s still not quite long enough to be able to pull all the way back so in the mean time little baby bows work perfect!  Oh and your blankey is still your best friend!  There is no way you will take a nap or go to bed at night without it.  The only thing that I don’t understand is that you shove as much of your blankey as you possibly can in your mouth and chew on it while you fall asleep.  But I don’t think you ever let go of it while you sleep so by the time you wake up it is soggy and NASTY!  Everyone may have laughed at me when I bought you two back up blankets but boy am I sure glad I did!

We went bowling this month with Ahma and Papa while Jakie went to a birthday party at the lanes and you had a fun time!  You were amazed at everything going on.  More than anything though you had the best time pushing the balls all around on the rack.  You are a very easily amused child!

Everyone has been sick this month!  I started off with some sniffly crud and ended up giving it to all of you.  You are completely pitiful when you are sick.  Your nose would not stop running. After being sick and tired of hearing the two of us screaming and crying every time I went to use the bulb syringe on your nose, Daddy taught you how to blow your own nose!  It was amazing!  When you feel your nose running you hurry to the bathroom where you tear off two squares of potty paper, blow your nose and then throw the paper away!  Even your doctor said he has seen four-year olds who struggle to blow their nose.  Good job baby girl!  You are so smart!

Although with your big brother’s history with colds settling into his lungs very quickly your doctor recommended to put you on albuterol breathing treatments as needed for a week.  It was so sad!  I’m sorry sweet girl but you were wheezing and we just had to do it!  At first you were completely against it but then Jake showed you how he takes a treatment and then you were a little more willing.  After the first two or three times you realized that you felt better after taking it and then you BEGGED me to give you a treatment.  You would bring me the box with your nebulizer, sit down in your rocker and try to strap on your mask by yourself.  I was so happy once you got better because seeing your sweet little self attached to the nebulizer broke my heart.  Your brother has spent so many years struggling to get his asthma under control strapped to that nebulizer I just pray that you don’t have to go through the same thing!

Emma Grace is 18 Months - copyright jRoxDesigns 2013

Speaking of your big brother…he is still your hero!  You ask for him and Daddy every morning when you wake up and are devastated when they aren’t there.  A couple of times this month I even heard you say Jakie!  You are trying and doing so good with your words!

Every week you love to try to “help” me fold laundry.  You are such a great helper because you pick up each individual piece and shake, shake, shake until you are sure all the wrinkles are out!  Except all those pieces you pick up are the ones out of the pile I’ve already folded.  At least you try!

Emma Grace is 18 Months - copyright jRoxDesigns 2013

You still love to read!  You will read Olivia and Pinkalicious to yourself over and over every day but will never sit still for me to read them to you.  Your new favorite book is Pinkalicious and the Pinktastic Zoo Day because there are balloons in it shaped like bears.  You point to them every time and try to say balloons over and over again!  Who knows but it is pretty cute!  You also like to try to read any mail I leave on the kitchen table while you eat lunch.  This particular day you were enjoying the JoAnn’s sale flyer!

We went to the doctor for your 18 month check up and you are growing up so fast!  You were 22 lbs 10 ozs (26%) 31.5″ long (46%) and your big old head is 18.75″ (78%)!

Overall you are one healthy, too smart for your own good little girl!  In order to keep you out of some of the kitchen cabinets I took rubber bands and put them around the door knobs.  Well now that you are older I tend to forget to put them back sometimes but you run through the kitchen every morning and put the rubber bands back around the knobs.  You have NO idea that they are actually to keep you out!  You are also my little branding genius!  You recognize the Sun Drop logo and scream “DAAAADAAAA!” every time you see it even if we are in the middle of the grocery store!  You also recognize the logo for Daddy’s restaurant and scream his name again when you see it on his chef jackets or even on the side of the building when we pull up to see him.  You have started to recognize that certain things in our house belong to certain people.  Cars, trucks and Legos belong in Jake’s room while anything that looks like a cut of fabric belongs in Mommy’s studio and well ALL socks belong to Daddy and go in his bottom drawer.  Sorry Daddy if you find some socks that don’t belong to you!

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of the little girl you are starting to become.  It’s hard to believe we are half way to the 2 year mark.  The thought of you growing up brings tears to my eyes.  I don’t want you to grow up.  I want to bottle up your crazy toddler energy and keep it forever.  But then I think of all the memories that are yet to come and the idea of watching you grow as a person makes me so proud to be your Mommy.

I love you!



Emma Grace is 17 Months Old!


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As always I have to include some outtakes for your enjoyment!  Well it’s more like I just can’t delete all the other photos that didn’t make the final cut! 🙂


Since we shoot our monthly photos outside and it has been a little on the chilly side we decided to sport our new kitty cat hat from Gram and Papa Chuck for Christmas!


Isn’t it cute?



Oh, the distracting snack of the month was raisins!  Emma Grace is a sucker for those tasty little guys!

17_Months_Outakes5I may be biased but I think I have one ADORABLE little girl!

Who just may enjoy stealing tape and paint out of the workshop!  Hey little lady bring that back here!


Letters To Emma Grace

17 Months Old


This month as been a month of so much growth and learning.  You have found a new love of music which makes me such a happy Mommy!  You see music has always been a big part of my life.  Your Ahma even used to yell at me because she was a firm believer that there was no singing at the kitchen table!  Psst don’t tell her but sometimes when Daddy is at work and it is just you, me and Jakie for dinner we will turn on music…and there just may be a little bit of singing involved!  A couple of months ago you found your brother’s piano in his closet and played with it on occasion.  Then recently you proudly stole it out of his closet and found a new home for it in the corner of the kitchen.  Every morning you go and play on it.  You know how to turn it off and on, pick out a beat to dance to and even increase or decrease the tempo (your brother’s favorite thing to do!).  But sometimes you just like to play each key to hear all the different notes.  I can’t wait to teach you how to sing!  We always have music on in the house and in the car.  You love having dance parties in the kitchen with me.  This month you got the opportunity to show off all of your moves at Grandpa Lowell’s Christmas party!  You go girl!


In the beginning of the month we had so much fun marching in our local Christmas parade!  For some funny reason you were under the impression that the parade was for you and you waved at everyone as you passed them by…my favorite part…you also blew kisses to them all too!  You are too funny!  Before the parade started you and Jakie and Kyson had so much fun playing in the giant piles of leaves in the park!  You weren’t quite sure what to do with all of them!


Speaking of your favorite toys you are still obsessed with your brothers old camera! You insist on wearing it around the house around your neck all day long.  You even look through the viewfinder at things and then giggle to yourself.  If I could only figure out what was going through that little head of yours!  Your vocabulary is expanding every day (even though Daddy claims he never hears any of it!)  You can say mama, dada, mow (more), mih (milk) ahma, papa, brada (brother), zak (Auntie is still unhappy that you can say your cousin’s name and not hers!  Don’t worry Auntie we are working VERY hard on it!), sock, and we are working on shoe and shirt.  Although shirt needs a lot of work…at the moment it kind of sounds like a bad word!!!  The other funny thing, you see when you were about six months old I tried to teach you sign language so you could communicate with us.  You would always get so frustrated when we couldn’t figure out what you wanted.  Well I can officially say that at 17 months old you now know sign language.  I stopped using it months ago and then all the sudden over the past couple weeks you decided to start using “more” “all done” and “drink.”  Congrats baby girl!  You can now communicate with me not only with voice but your hands too! 🙂


In your spare time you enjoy reading a good book.  Your two favorites this month are Franklin (which you only read the last page and it’s always upside down!) and Olivia.  Thank goodness Santa brought you some new books to read!  Although you only like to read laying down in the kitchen or in your bedroom.  I wish you would let me hold you to read to you.  Jake and I used to read for hours together!  Until then I’ll just keep reading aloud to myself while you play with your toys!  Your brother is an amazing reader and I hope you grow up to be a good reader too.  Mommy has never been a good reader.  Just ask Ahma and Auntie.  They have lots of jokes about Mommy’s reading interests!


You have also found out how much fun it is to cook!  Whenever Mommy is in the kitchen you get out your bowls, pots, pans and spatulas to help cook too.  You also want to make sure that everyone is able to have a taste of your creations as well! Num num!


Whenever anything is in the oven you like to sit on the floor in front of the oven to watch it.  Sweet pea I hate to tell you the oven is not a TV and the chicken isn’t going to do anything exciting.  Maybe it’s from watching too many cupcakes rise?  Oops!  Maybe Momma should cut back on the baking!


Have I mentioned yet again this month how much you love your brother???  I still can’t believe I caught this little moment with my phone.  I turned around and couldn’t believe that you were actually giving him kisses and a hug!  I wish I had been able to get my camera faster because I would have taken this photo and blown it up all over the house!


You like to help brother with projects.  This month you helped him screw some parts of his photo frame he made at Home Depot’s Kids Workshop.  You also made all of the other adults nervous by holding on the screwdrivers and hammers while you flung them around in the air!  It’s okay, they just didn’t know you had been using a hammer and screwdriver since you were born.  It’s not their fault! 🙂


You are also a good sport when your brother decides he wants to decorate you for Christmas.  I can’t believe you actually let him hang all of these on your pants!  The best part…you were sad when I took them off so you could have your nap.


You and Daddy always like to get some fun play time in too!  For some reason your Daddy thought you needed a ride in a bucket!  You also love to go running into the workshop and swipe things off of the painting shelf like you saw in the outtakes from this month!!


Your smiles are priceless.  Those dimples are going to get you into a lot of trouble or out of a lot of trouble one day, however you want to look at it.


I just love to look into those pretty blue eyes of yours.  It’s crazy because I wish I could see the world the way you do.  As adults we often forget the little joys in life and take them for granted.  With you around you show me to take joy in the little things!  I love that about you.  Mommy is trying to do better at slowing down and taking time enjoy new things.  You see, you love unrolling all the toilet paper in the house and I’ve thought about it many times but I may have been a little bet jealous that Sparkle got to try it out before I could!  I can’t describe the feeling I get when you come running to me to give me a big kiss and a hug.  You are an amazing one of a kind little girl!


I love you!



Happy 1st Birthday Emma Grace!

It was a year ago today that I met my you for the first time.  The last nine months we had been through so much together with my HG  that I couldn’t wait to see those pretty blue eyes (I always knew you would have my eyes because I gave them to your big brother too!), those little fingers and tiny toes.  I had been dreaming of meeting you and I know that is the only way I made it that far.

EG Yawning

When Mommy was 36 weeks I started feeling a little light-headed sometimes and felt my heart go pitter patter too often.  After talking to our doctor he sent me to another doctor to check out my heart.  It seems as if you were running out of room and pushing up on my heart and twisting it backwards.  It was okay though because they gave me some medicine and made me better.  The next week my heart spells were coming back so they gave us some more medication!  By 38 weeks they had gotten much worse and Mommy, Daddy and our doctors decided it would be best if you came out to meet us.  So on Saturday night Jake went to Ahma and Papa’s for a sleepover and Daddy and I settled into our room at the hospital.

Emma Grace Birth Day with Mommy2

Once we were at the hospital they gave Mommy some medicine to get us ready for the next morning.  Daddy and I tried to sleep but I was too excited and anxious.  They woke us up at 6:30 so I could take a shower and brush my teeth (it was the first time in weeks Mommy didn’t get sick while I brushed my teeth…I knew it was a good sign!)  By 7:30 they gave me some medicine called Pitocin to wake you up and tell you it is time to come out.  The entire morning Daddy and I sat around in our room talking, watching tv and taking little cat naps to get ready.

Emma Grace Birth Day Toes3

By lunch time they decided that it was time to break my water so that we could get things moving along.  I asked if I could have some medicine called an epidural to help with the pain of the contractions.  I knew that right after they broke my water with Jake he was ready to come out and I wanted to be ready for those crazy contractions.  So after they broke my water a nice man came up to see me who struggled to get Mommy’s medicine right.  After 5 times of poking me he thought he had finally got it right and told me it should start working soon.  Since everyone figured it would be awhile Daddy decided to go get something to eat in the cafeteria and Ahma stayed with us in the room.

Emma Grace Birth Day First Look4Within a couple of minutes I felt my body starting to push…but the nurses said that couldn’t be right because they had just checked me and I was only at 8cm and I needed to get to 10 before you could come.  After telling them all very loudly I wasn’t trying to push but my body was doing it anyways they checked me and believe it or not we were already to 10cm!  It was time to push!  All of the nurses and our doctor came running in and they started breaking down the bed to get ready for you.  When Dr. Rush asked who was going to cut the cord I told him Daddy was.  Then she says “Where is Jeremy?”  Well after I became a little panicked Ahma said “It’s okay he just went to the bathroom let me go get him.”  Ahma was gone for a little bit longer than it takes to go to the potty so I knew Daddy was on his way to get a snack but no worries they both came running in right in time to start pushing.  I was so ready to meet you that it only took Mommy three big pushes until you came into the world!  It wasn’t until after our doctor went to give Mommy a couple of stitches that we realized that the medicine never started working and I had you without any pain medication!  Whew that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would have been!

Emma Grace Birth Day Weigh In5

The second I heard your little voice cry out I was so overwhelmed!  Of course I first asked to make sure you were still a girl because I had had several dreams that you were a boy after you didn’t want to cooperate at your ultrasound.  After they assured me you were a sweet, beautiful little girl they wiped you off checked you out real quick and then placed you on my chest.  It all felt like a dream.  I dream that I never wanted to wake up from. You were here.  My baby girl you were here and you had those beautiful blue eyes, ten little fingers and ten tiny toes.  After being so sick for so long I was worried that something was going to be wrong, but you were perfect.  You were perfect in every way.  They even gave you a healthy score of 9 out of 10 right after you were born.

Emma Grace Birth Day Check Up6

You were a little cold so they let you snuggle up on Mommy’s chest so I could warm you up.  It was the most amazing feeling in the entire world.  We even got to nurse a little bit too.  Soon the rest of your family came in to see you.  As soon as your Papa, Auntie and Uncle Kevin came in to see you Daddy left to get Mommy some lunch.  I proudly told him that I was STARVING and I wanted some lunch.  Because he is the best Daddy in the entire world he came back to my room with a Supreme Dinner from Bojangles and I ate EVERY LAST BITE…without getting sick!

Emma Grace Birth Day with Mommy and Jake7

Once your brother was able to come in to see you, well I can’t even put into words how it felt to see you two together.  It was so amazing to have both of my babies next to me at the same time.  He was so excited to meet you.  Jakie loves you so much and is always going to protect you and love you no matter what.  He couldn’t stop smiling when he held you for the first time, although he did think that the smell of the hospital laundry detergent was stinky.  It was at that moment that I finally felt like our family was complete.  You, Jake, Daddy and I are the perfect little family and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Emma Grace Birth Day with Mommy and Daddy8

This last year has been interesting to say the least.  You are a little sassy replica of your Momma although none of us doubted for a minute that you would probably have my personality.  You have brought so many smiles and so many tears of joy over the past year that I can hardly wait to watch you grow up.  Emma Grace, Mommy loves you and I always will.  So remember even when you are a teenager and can’t stand me…remember that I loved you first.  Remember that Daddy, Jake and I will always be here for you.  You have the most amazing family and I can’t wait to see the woman you will become.  Remember that nothing is ever as life ending as you think it is, whether it is being out of Cheerios or some looser guy who isn’t good enough for you anyways.  Remember that you are always beautiful no matter what you wear or how you fix your hair.  Remember that the only boys you will ever need are your Daddy, Jakie, Papa, Kevin and Kyson.  I can’t wait to see you walk, to see you go to Kindergarden, learn how to drive a car (manual of course that is how all the Foster girls do it), go on your first date (Daddy has his shotgun ready), go to prom and then graduate from high school and college.  I’m going to stop there because you are too young for me to be thinking past that and I’ve already got enough tears right now. I love you baby girl!

Happy 1st Birthday Emma Grace!

Love you,