Valentine’s Day Goodies and Star Wars Valentines!

Did y’all have a great Valentine’s Day?  We usually don’t get a chance to do a lot of celebrating since the hubby is off at work taking care of all the other love birds out there that are looking for a romantic dinner!  The kids and I usually hang out and give each other lots of kisses, hugs and say “I love you!” to each other all day!

Jake and I did make some super cute Valentine’s this year.  We found the original idea from Megan at the Brassy Apple to use glow bracelets as light sabers.  How cool is that?  We wanted ours to be a little different so we made our own!  I downloaded the font Star Jedi from here and then found a couple different graphics from quick Google searches to use.  It only took about 15 minutes to create them and they were the hit of his classroom!  Aren’t they fun?

Valentine's Day at jRoxDesigns

Before Jeremy had to run off to work he surprised me with a few things like these BEAUTIFUL roses!  I love having fresh flowers in the house!

Dozen Red Roses

There was also a box of chocolates…but when I opened it up what was inside was a lot better than chocolates!  I got a gift card to Home Depot!!  Jokingly I may have said something last week that I didn’t understand why people want fancy jewelry that they can only wear on special occasions a couple of times a year.  I may have said that all I really wanted was a sheet of 24/32 cabinet grade plywood to finish my bookshelves and of course he was listening.  Now that’s how you spell love in the Smith house!

Home Depot Gift Card for Valentine's Day

No need to worry though…my chocolates were still there…they were just hiding in the microwave. So my breakfast may have been these yummy strawberry and cream cheese pastries and a couple of chocolates! 🙂

Strawberry and Cream Cheese Pastries and Chocolates for Breakfast

Did I mention that my littlest Valentine even left me a love note?  I love that little boy!

Love Notes from Little Valentine

So did you do anything special yesterday?  Or do you keep it low-key like us and exchange a couple of small gifts?


will you be my VALENTINE? :: Little Sweetheart Edition

Valentine’s Day is only a couple days away!  I know you have been planning out something sweet for your big sweetie this year but don’t forget about those little sweethearts too!  Check out some of my favorites and especially all of those handmade goodies from some awesome Etsy shops!

1. Twirly Skirt – EverythingSorella on Etsy

 2. XOXO Pajamas – Hanna Anderson

3. Stripe/Heart Sweater Dress – Old Navy

4. Heart Breaker Tee – J.Crew

5. Heart Ballet Flats – Gap

6. Heart Coin Purse – Oktak on Etsy

7. Sweetheart Mary Jane Shoes – Snanimals on Etsy

8. Heart Skinny Jeans – Gap

9. Crocheted Valentine Owl – Adrialys HC on Etsy

10. Bow Tie – Toma’s Tutus and Things on Etsy

11. Little Heartbreaker Tie Shirt – Sweet Threads Clothing on Etsy

Looking for more Valentine’s Day goodies?

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Valentine’s Day Garland

Are you ready for some more Valentine’s Day goodness?  I had so much fun making the little garland for my wreath last week that I wanted to make another one!Valentine's Day Garland by jRoxDesigns

I just fell in love with the combination of the red and white fabric with the baker’s twine.  At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to say.  “Happy Valentine’s Day” just wasn’t quite cutting it for me.  Then it hit me…Amour Vincit Omnia.  It means Love Conquers All in Latin and it is the inscription on both Jeremy and my wedding rings.  We have been through a lot together and we always say that no matter what we can get through anything together.  As long as we have each other we can conquer anything!

Valentine's Day Garland by jRoxDesigns

Okay, okay but you have to let me be a little mushy, this is Valentine’s Day after all!

Valentine's Day Garland by jRoxDesigns

The garland itself wasn’t hard at all, it just took some time.  The first thing I did was figure about how long I wanted it.  I held the twine up across the fireplace and moved it around until I found the drape I liked the best.  Then I measured the twine, took  a couple of inches off the measurement for each end and then divided up that number by about how many flags I wanted.  I also made sure there was enough left over for space between each of the flags.

Valentine's Day Garland by jRoxDesigns

Once I had the correct width for my flags I cut several rectangles with different lengths.  I then tried cutting the bottom off each at different angles until I found which one I liked the best.

Valentine's Day Garland by jRoxDesigns

That is the best part about this project.  There is no right or wrong way to do it.  You can do whatever you want!  I will admit I was a little bit lazy and instead of picking out the “perfect font”, cutting out paper, tracing onto fabric and then cutting out the fabric I simply ironed Heat n Bond on the back of the fabric and ran it through my Cricuit.  Yep I’m lazy!  Andddd it was so worth the time savings!

Valentine's Day Garland by jRoxDesigns

Remember how I showed you my creative way to hang my door wreaths?  Well the Command hook is back!  The garland is too heavy to be held up by tape and there is no way I’m putting push pins in my mantle, so I grabbed two hooks and hid them behind my vases.  No one will every know!  Except you…but don’t tell okay? 🙂

Valentine's Day Garland by jRoxDesigns

I don’t have much room to decorate my mantle because  of the big TV that takes up the entire wall.  So I just grabbed a couple of candles from around the house and ta-da!  My sweet mother in law also sent me a big package of Valentine’s Day goodies so I added in some of the boxes and stuffed my vases with red streamers.  Pretty simple and cute I think!


Valentine’s Day Wreath

Ahh love is in the air!  Remember last week when I shared with you all the things that were inspiring me to get our house decorated for Valentine’s Day?  Well here is my first completed project!  Okay let’s be honest I’m not going to turn the whole house upside down like I do for Christmas but a few festive touches put me in the spirit.

Valentine's Day Wreath by jRoxDesigns

I love wreaths.  I don’t know what it is but there is just something about a warm greeting on your door before you can even answer it for guests.  Yes I know it’s cheesy but I like them okay?

Valentine's Day Wreath by jRoxDesigns

All of those sweet little hearts strung on irresistible baker’s twine?  Awwww!!!

Valentine's Day Wreath by jRoxDesigns

It was super simple!  I cut out two different sizes of hearts in two different colors, made tiny little slits with my scissors and strung the baker’s twine through each of them.  The garland was secured on the back of the wreath with t-pins.

Valentine's Day Wreath by jRoxDesigns

That is it!  Pretty easy and pretty cute too huh?

Valentine's Day Wreath by jRoxDesigns

One of my favorite parts is the ribbon hanger.  Remember the two colored hanger from my Fall wreath?  My front door has always needed an extra good shove to open and close and big clunky metal wreath hangers just make the job more difficult.  So, you want in on a little secret?  I saw this head floating around the internet awhile ago and had to try it out for myself.  All it takes is one Command hook and some ribbon and you have a stylish hanger that will never get in the way of closing your door again!  Love it!  I love those little guys.  Sparkle our Elf on the Shelf even borrowed one when she made her elf zipline!

Valentine's Day Wreath by jRoxDesigns

What secrets to you have up your sleeve when it comes to decorating?  Signature