Beach Bound :: Inspiration Wednesday

I swear I’m still here and alive!  You know when you hit a wall half way through the week?  Yepp…I’m there right now.  I just finished another round of clear coat on 8 sets of cornhole boards.  Once I get these last ones out of the house that will be 20 for the month and I am burned out.  So lets just say with vacation coming up soon I just can’t wait.  When we spent the weekend at the beach a couple months back for this fabulous wedding I’ve been so anxious to get back for our yearly beach trip!  I have big plans for my week…

Sandy Toes

I plan on having sandy toes ALL WEEK!

Kisses On The Beach

Of course a couple late night walks on the beach and sneak in a couple kisses from my amazing hubby!

Wading In The Ocean

Lots of goofy times in the ocean with this crazy boy


I’m sure Miss Sophie will have to play in the sand too!

Sleeping Baby

Most of all I think we all plan on taking quite a few naps!

More than anything…I’m just ready for a break!  How about you??

Emma Grace 46 Weeks

Emma Grace is 46 Weeks Old!

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Poor girl has had a rough week.  Her little independent self has decided she is going to use everything to help her walk but she is going to do it all by herself.  This morning she walked along our dresser and pulled everything out of Jeremy’s drawers and then across the wall to go read his Handyman magazines on the other side of the room.  The beginning of the week she banged her head on her crib and then she busted her lip the other day after taking a tumble outside.  She is a stubborn girl though…she will never give up!  Her new obsession is Cheerios.  If I on accident leave the door to the pantry open she will pull up on the shelves and scream at the boxes of Os until someone gets them for her.  She is a piece of work.  So here is Emma Grace and her favorite snack of the week!


“Gracious I love these things!”



“Well I mean I could go back to having some of those apple cinnamon puffs..”


“Ohhhh thank goodness you found another box..I’m much better now!!!”

Amazing Ombre Cake Designs

Okay I am in full on birthday planning mode over here!  Well just in my head…I still haven’t done anything.  But I am planning it all out while I work away on cornhole boards this week.  So when I took a break to stroll through Facebook for a minute I came along this beauty!

Seriously how amazing is this cake!?!  If I lived in Portland I’m pretty sure I would just have her whip me up one of these! 🙂  You should go by and check out the rest of her cake designs and her sugar flowers are unbelievable.  She makes me want to become a cake designer!

I always loved rock candy when I was little but I never thought about putting it on a cake.  This is so much fun!  I love how there is still an ombre effect because of all of the different shades of the candy.

Pink Ombre Swirl Cake by Glorious Treats

I think doing ombre on not only the outside but the inside of the cake as well is genius!  I think it would be so fun to make this but I might go crazy before I could ever finish it.  I know I want to do cupcakes but I love pretty cakes or maybe even some cake pops?  To hard to decide!  Either way I just think I need some cake now! YUMMY!!!

Fresh Air :: Inspiration Wednesday

Sometimes when life gets crazy I think it is just best to get outside and take a big breath of fresh air.  Working from home can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and I have found a bit of relaxation in grabbing my camera and going outside for a while.  I love being able to work in the yard but when it is up in the 90’s I only have so much patience for the heat so for now I’ll just enjoy some photography fun.

 Or when all else fails you can always go out for a long drive!

So go out and get a breath of fresh air today!

HOT HOT HOT Colors! :: Nursery Tuesday

I think since I was born in the 80’s there is some sort of crazy bright neon obsession running through my veins.  So it’s no wonder that I have orange walls in my house or lime green accessories everywhere.  When I started designing Emma Grace’s nursery I knew my obsession would continue – I wanted bright colors!  Check out all of these fun HOT colors to help you decorate your little one’s space too!

Modern Cherry Blossom Nursery from Project Nursery

The details in this nursery are amazing.  There is a perfect balance between the soft neutral gray with a couple pops of bright pink.  It is playful and fun with little touches of whimsy.  Not to mention I love the glider from Oilo Studios !

Lime Green/ Royal Blue Chevron Alligator by ZeppiPrints

Well we know how much I love lime green and blue as we have seen here.  So when I found ZeppiPrint’s Etsy shop I was in LOVE!  They have some of the cutest prints that are available in all different colors and backgrounds.  They have so many prints that would be great for nurseries, playrooms and any other room in the house!

Ceramic Owl Bank by fruitflypie

I do love decorating with cute little ceramic animals.  I think one day I aspire to be just like Sherry from Young House Love (check out only the beginning of her obsession here). 🙂  So why not decorate and put away some extra change for little one with these ADORABLE banks?

Stripes in the Nursery from Spearmint Baby

 I am always up for a great hot pink/gray and chevron/stripe combo too!

I am hoping to get together a round-up of Emma Grace’s nursery for you all soon!  Then maybe I can feature something of my own…wow that would be fun times huh? 🙂