A Modern DIY Nursery Grows Into A Toddler Bedroom!

One of my favorite rooms in the house still has to be Emma Grace’s nursery.  It is simple, colorful, modern, classic and playful all at the same time.  In case you missed the full reveal of her nursery with all the details you can find it here.  Since then I’ve been slowly working on little projects here and there like updating her dresser drawers with a cute gray chevron print, adding a high hanging mobile feature and I even built a bookshelf from scratch!
Modern Toddler Nursery | jRoxDesigns

Overall all the pieces have stayed the same but my favorite addition is this awesome bookshelf that hubby and I built.  I’ve been swooing over the Oeuf Mini Library for years but it would have been way too big for her space and I knew I could DIY one for a tiny fraction of the price.  I LOVE the way it turned out!

Modern Toddler Nursery | jRoxDesigns

All it took was some careful calculations, a couple of sheets of 3/4″ plywood, paint and simple door hardware!  Definitely worth the time for the amazing result.  Emma Grace loves to read books and she will pull up her tiny rocking chair and look all of her books for hours.

Modern Toddler Nursery | jRoxDesigns

She is still sleeping in her crib which I’m crossing my fingers will last for a couple more years.  I have visions in my head of a really fun, oversized upholstered headboard out of her original bumper print when the time comes.  Until then I want to keep my baby little forever.  The bumper came out as soon as she tried to use it as a step stool and the skirt came out when we dropped the mattress down.  I absolutely loved her bedding and to me it was worth all the time I put into it, but I just wish I could have used it longer.  For me it was something to keep my mind positive while I battled through the HG while I was pregnant and in the end it was totally worth it.  Now her bed is filled with all of her stuffed friends, a tiny pillow and tons of snuggly blankets.

Modern Toddler Nursery | jRoxDesigns

Right before Christmas Emma Grace really became interested in potty training so I knew it was time to change the crib into a toddler bed.  That was one of the biggest reasons why I picked out her crib was because I knew it would grow with her and give us the opportunity to get more life out of her crib.

Modern Toddler Nursery | jRoxDesigns

Of course leave it to my daughter to start screaming “I DO!” the second she sees a screwdriver or a hammer.  I got her started, then she meticulously turned all four bolts for the next hour while I took care of the final tightening.  She has enjoyed her “big girl bed” ever since!

Modern Toddler Nursery | jRoxDesigns

One of the other fun additions was a funky twist on a mobile feature I did in the corner above the rocking chair.  I had a ton of different ideas and shared my inspiration with you all here.  It took a long time to collect all the lanterns but that is just because I’m cheap and didn’t want to spend a pretty penny on paper!  They all came from a mixture of clearance bins at craft stores, the Dollar Stop at Target and mark downs from home decor shops and party supply stores.

Modern Toddler Nursery | jRoxDesigns

When I would rock her to sleep when she was younger she loved to look up at all the lanterns.  She still enjoys looking at them and screaming “Pink ball Mommy!  Pink ball!!!”  Oh how times change!  I hung each lantern by tying white thread from the lantern and then around a small sewing pin  pushed into the ceiling.

Modern Toddler Nursery | jRoxDesigns

I’m still working on little projects for her room here and there but I love how I designed the room to be able to grow up with her.  I know that all the pieces we chose (other than the crib obviously!) will be able to be used for many years to come.  The rocking chair side table will probably turn into a night stand, Pinkalicious and Olivia books will be replaced by tween love novels and the changing topper will come off to make room for picture frames of her and her best friends.  Well, that’s at least the way I see it.  Or probably knowing my opinionated daughter she will hate hot pink and lime green by the age of 7 and be begging me to change it all.  Sigh…I’m not ready to parent a school age girl!!

Ready for another project?  Next up I’ll share with you how I made her a funky bow holder to help organize her insane amount of hair accessories!


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