Personalized Your Library with FREE Printable Chevron Book Plates!

The last couple weeks have been filled with finishing up projects we have had on our to-do list for…well some of them years.  Our home is always evolving with our lives but for once I am determined to have one room “done”.  Now when I say done what I mean is that I can look in the room smile because there is nothing staring me in the eyes screaming “I need to be painted!” or “I need artwork!” or “I’m missing something…but I will not tell you what it is!”  Yep my rooms, they talk to me!  Anyways one of the latest projects we finished up was a bookshelf for Emma Grace’s room.  I can now finally get all of her books off the shelves in her closet and where we can get to them.  Don’t worry pictures and a full tutorial are coming soon!

Personalized Book Plate by jRoxDesigns copy

Emma Grace LOVES her bookshelf!  Every morning she pulls her little rocking chair up next to it and picks out different books and looks at all the pictures squealing in delight.  Being a good little organized girl she then puts each of them back and picks out a new one!  I don’t know about you but I think there is just something so special about spending time reading with your children.  There is nothing like being able to snuggle up next to your babies with a good book.  Both of our kids have well…very LARGE libraries.  So right after Emma Grace was born I started making her book plates for all the new books we bought for her.  I’ve done a couple different designs but I thought I would share with you one of my favorites today!!  So here they are the BOLD and PASTEL Chevron Book Plate Collection for you to print and enjoy!

Book Plate Printable - The Chevron BOLD Collection | jRoxDesigns

Download Your Favorite Here:

TurquoisePurpleGreenHot PinkRedOrange

Book Plate Printable - The Chevron PASTEL Collection | jRoxDesigns

Download Your Favorite Here:

Light BlueLight PurpleLight PinkYellowGrayLight Green

Personalized Chevron Book Plates Available from jRoxDesigns on Etsy!

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Soft and Serene Nursery :: Nursery Tuesday

I stumbled upon Owen’s sweet nursery over on Remodelaholic and I love how calm and relaxing the space is.  The pallet wall is fabulous.  Even though most pallet walls feel so industrial Nancy was able to make the feature soft and it works so well in the room.    I loved reading through her whole thought process on how her vision for the room evolved which you can read here.   Head on over to Owen’s Olivia to see all the details on this amazing nursery!

Emma Grace 50 Weeks

Emma Grace is 50 Weeks Old!


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Okay it did kill me putting the five on the onesie just like I thought.  I think it will be harder when the word “weeks” turns to months very soon.  I have loved every second of this project and I know that once she turns a year old I just can’t stop.  So, instead of doing weekly pictures I am going to go to monthly and I highly doubt any of them will be with her laying down because that barely works anymore!  I usually bribe her with snacks to keep still and most of the time it works.  This week she had dried strawberries which is one of her favorites.    After many weeks of knowing that those top teeth were coming soon they have finally made an appearance, all FOUR on the top are coming in at the same time.  So far two have made it through and the other two should be any day now!

Emma Grace 50 Weeks Teeth

I’ve distracted myself this week with party planning.  I’ve ordered some fun decorations and even picked out some fun gifts (yes I’ve already been reminded that they are really for me because she doesn’t know the difference!)  We picked out a party dress which I’m in love with!  Yes its pink and yellow chevron.  Perfect?  I think so!

What can I say?  The girl looks good in neon!

Emma Grace July 16th

Emma Grace 50 Weeks Crawling1

We even picked up a new lime green headband this week.  Yes I’m guilty of playing dress up but for $1.50 I couldn’t resist.  It is a bit big but she will grow into it.  Oh and her crawling is like speed crawling.  There is NO taking my eyes off of her!

Emma Grace Crawling 2

HOT HOT HOT Colors! :: Nursery Tuesday

I think since I was born in the 80’s there is some sort of crazy bright neon obsession running through my veins.  So it’s no wonder that I have orange walls in my house or lime green accessories everywhere.  When I started designing Emma Grace’s nursery I knew my obsession would continue – I wanted bright colors!  Check out all of these fun HOT colors to help you decorate your little one’s space too!

Modern Cherry Blossom Nursery from Project Nursery

The details in this nursery are amazing.  There is a perfect balance between the soft neutral gray with a couple pops of bright pink.  It is playful and fun with little touches of whimsy.  Not to mention I love the glider from Oilo Studios !

Lime Green/ Royal Blue Chevron Alligator by ZeppiPrints

Well we know how much I love lime green and blue as we have seen here.  So when I found ZeppiPrint’s Etsy shop I was in LOVE!  They have some of the cutest prints that are available in all different colors and backgrounds.  They have so many prints that would be great for nurseries, playrooms and any other room in the house!

Ceramic Owl Bank by fruitflypie

I do love decorating with cute little ceramic animals.  I think one day I aspire to be just like Sherry from Young House Love (check out only the beginning of her obsession here). 🙂  So why not decorate and put away some extra change for little one with these ADORABLE banks?

Stripes in the Nursery from Spearmint Baby

 I am always up for a great hot pink/gray and chevron/stripe combo too!

I am hoping to get together a round-up of Emma Grace’s nursery for you all soon!  Then maybe I can feature something of my own…wow that would be fun times huh? 🙂

For the Love of Yellow! :: Nursery Tuesday

I am loving yellow lately!  It is such a bright cheery color that is great for little boys or girls.  My favorite part is that you can use yellow as a starting point for a gender neutral nursery, then when the baby arrives it is so easy to pair it with either feminine or masculine touches.  Yellow and gray is pretty trendy right now and with accents of stripes or the ever popular chevron you can’t go wrong!

Gray and Yellow Chevron Crib Bedding from Carousel Designs

Jenna Lyons on Apartment Therapy

Yellow Nursery by Argington


Rock Star Duchess Nursery by Sharon Taylor

Rock Star Duchess Nursery by Sharon Taylor on Project Nursery

Blue and Yellow Nursery by Susan Weinroth

A Little Bit of Me

Gray and Yellow Nursery with Striped Walls

Gray and Yellow Nursery with Striped Walls

Serafina's Modern Romantic Yellow Nursery

Serafina’s Modern Romantic Yellow Nursery