Brother and Sister Twin Nursery :: Nursery Tuesday

I’ve always loved designing nurseries for twins.  It is such a challenge to squeeze all the necessities for one baby into a room let alone everything for two!  I think I am such a big fan of this room not only because of the layout but also because it is perfect for a boy and a girl.  It is not too masculine or feminine, just a great combination.  The room features classic simple furniture with small splashes of bold colors all on a light turquoise backdrop.  Of course you can never go wrong with an Oeuf Classic Crib too.  Simply beautiful!

I first saw the room featured on Nursery Notations by the fabulous Andrika King.  She had a quick Q & A with these cuties’ momma, Niki,  about her inspiration for the room.  Niki owns a stationary studio called called Papery & Cakery which you have to check out.  She even specializes in vintage letterpress.  I’m swooning over her beautiful designs!

Aren’t those photos above each of their cribs GORGEOUS??


I like the fresh take of the scrabble letters combined with the twins’ names.  So fun!


Of course the Jonathan Adler pear mirror is to die for!  Niki picked it out to represent their “pair” of babies.  How cute is that?

Make sure to stop by Nursery Notations and check out the interview along with room details and more pictures!  While you are there make sure to follow the blog while you are there because if I haven’t said it enough yet, Andrika is AMAZING and has always been an inspiration to me!


A Modern Take On A High Hanging Mobile :: Nursery Tuesday

I love mobiles in nurseries.  They are so sweet and can add a bit of whimsy and personality into a room.  So I kind of feel like I cheated when I never really finished the mobile I had in mind for Emma Grace’s nursery.  Even though most parents start taking them down or out around 6 months (or when they can pull up for safety reasons) Emma Grace never really tried to play with hers…until last week.  By now I would have figured that she would could care less about it but she really likes to just hang out in her crib in the morning and watch it go around and around.  I had big plans for a fun mobile before she was born, but now it looks like if I want to keep something it needs to be hanging on the ceiling.  So I’ve looked around for a couple of ideas and have found a few.  Maybe I could even combine a couple of these ideas to make one awesome mobile?!


Live the Fancy Life

When I originally planned her nursery I had something like this in mind.  I even bought these same paper lanterns on sale and they are still hanging out in the box in my studio.  Maybe it is time to pull these out now!  Jessica from Live the Fancy Life did an awesome job on her son’s nursery.  I swear it is exactly what I would have done if we had a boy.  She combined bright green and turquoise on a neutral gray wall with modern furniture.  Sound familiar but with a touch of pink?!  So I know this would look good in her room.

Fabric Pom Poms

Nursery by Kim Johnson of Babinski Baby featured on Petite Lemon via Brittany D. on Pintrest

This nursery is too cute.  I should have included it on a my earlier post about yellow in the nursery but I completely missed it!  I love the fabric balls they are so simple and soft and I love how they are hung.  I think it would be a fun way to keep a mobile in the nursery even after baby has started to pull up in the crib.

Paper Circles Mobile

 E Tells Tales via Kali H. on Pintrest

This mobile is so clean and simple.  Elizabeth from E Tells Tales made this mobile to finish off her son Everett’s nursery out of paper circles and fishing line.  She describes it as “it’s pretty much the tiara of the crib and I love it,” I would have to agree because I love it too!  Check out the tutorial to make your own here.

Scallop Paper Balls

Cathy of California on Flickr via Candace D. on Pintrest

While I am on a DIY kick wouldn’t these be fun to hang from the ceiling?  Shoot who am I fooling of course I will DIY whatever I decide on.  No matter what it is I’m pretty sure she has outgrown her current mobile.  What do you think?


Martha Stewart Scallop Paper Balls

Martha Stewart

Look at what I found from Martha Stewart.  She made it with stacked tissue paper circles.  Pretty easy! Check it out complete with tutorial!

Low Hanging Mobile

Nightlights :: Nursery Tuesday

Being new to blogging I’m still working on how to get all of my ideas organized into posts.  Yesterday it clicked!  I’m going to try to have a couple of days of the week have a theme so that I can plan better and then you can know what to expect!  I’ve seen several of my favorite bloggers do the same thing and I love it so I’m jumping on the bandwagon too!

It is no secret that I LOVE nursery design.  The first nursery I did was of course Jake’s but that was before I really started taking an interest in interior design.  When I found out my sister was pregnant I was elated that she let me sew all custom bedding and window treatments for my nephew’s room.  My first job straight out of college was working at a baby boutique where I was able to design nurseries on a daily basis and it was so much fun.  I was able to help design everything from the most traditional and eclectic rooms to over the top modern design.  While working there I dreamed up so many ideas for my next nursery so when we found out we were pregnant Jeremy specifically told me to “not go crazy!”  Well, I didn’t go to crazy and over the next couple weeks I will show off Emma Grace’s nursery!  For now I’ll start sharing some of the things I’ve looked at lately.

Nightlights add a nice soft light to a room to help with late night feedings and even a bit of comfort for an older child.  Here are a couple of my favorites!

Jonathan Adler Elephant Nightlight in Jonathan Adler Junior $48

It also comes in a lion and a giraffe too!

Eric Carle’s Butterfly Nightlight $25

Hedgehog Nightlight $99

Owl Nightlight $49.99

Mini Mushroom Lights $9 each

OXO Tooli Nightlight in Yellow $24.99

Boon Inc. Glo Color Changing Nightlight with Portable Glowing Balls $84.99

Don’t go to bed in the dark tonight!