Fall Table Decor :: Inspiration Wednesday

This afternoon I’m taking a break from Fall decorating for Inspiration Wednesday post because today I NEED some inspiration!  If you follow us on Facebook (if not you better stop by and “Like” our page to see what we are up to!) you already know that we started putting up the Halloween decor yesterday.  I hadn’t gotten out anything yet for Fall but while Jake is out of school I figured we would spend some time this week just the two of us.  I kind of have a rule that if the holiday is at the end of the month I have to wait  until the beginning of that month to decorate (like Halloween and Christmas) but if the holiday is in the middle of the month (like Valentine’s Day) I put them up usually when I get around to it!  So it feels weird to me already bringing out the Fall decor let alone the Halloween goodies!

So anyways I’ve started putting up everything and I’ve hit a wall.  I do enjoy decorating my dining room table for the holidays but let’s be honest…I kind of suck at it.  I think it comes from frustration because I have this HUGE gorgeous table that Jeremy and I bought with gift money from our wedding.  It could easily fit 10-12 people but…I only have four chairs!  You see we bought it from this unfinished furniture store and finished the table, chairs and a matching china cabinet and hutch all at the same time, but we only had enough money for four chairs at the time.  Of course the chairs we picked out were like around $80 or $100 a piece so buying more of them just hasn’t been on the to do list.  (P.S. Mom or Dad if you are reading today I really think we would like some for Christmas – but Jeremy said they are on my list because he wants more tools!)  ANYWAYS…I think I get frustrated because I have this big table that would look beautiful with all of these fun plates and stuff but when you only have four chairs it looks weird to set a place for 8 or 10 ya know?  So I went scouting out a couple of more ideas for my huge table and thought I would share!

Remember this beauty from my post about Incorporating Fall Into the Home?  Still love this one more than anyone I have seen in a long time!

Bliss At Home

How about these cute place tags?  I love the simple and beautiful green, white and brown colors!

The Happier Homemaker

Love bringing a little bit of nature to the table too!

Sweet Something Designs

I still love the idea of bringing in bright colors on a twist of the traditionally muted Fall colors.

Refresh Restyle

Yet again soft neutrals are so classic!

AKA Design

Humm where to start?  Well first things first I need to go hem a tablecloth!


Incorporating Fall Into The Home :: Inspiration Wednesday

Last week I shared with you my Fall Bucket List and I am working on crossing off one thing on my list already…bringing Fall into the home.  I love decorating for Christmas and will usually put out some decorations for Halloween but I am ashamed to say the seasonal decor usually stops there.  I don’t like a lot of clutter in the house since I am already surrounded by chaos twenty-four seven anyways so I usually keep seasonal decor to a minimum.  This year though I am going to try to make our house feel cool and cozy for Fall so lets take a look at some other projects and decor other people have added to their homes!

When you first walk into our house you actually walk into our dining room…weird I know but it is actually a great opportunity for seasonal decor.  Unfortunately our table is so big I’ve always had trouble decorating it but let me tell you Kristin from Bliss-at Home is AMAZING and she recently shared her Orange Crush Tablescape for Fall on her blog.  You have to go by and check out all the details here.

I’ve loved this quick and easy centerpiece since I spotted it last year!

Another great place to sneak in some seasonal decor is on a mantle but again we have our TV mounted above our fireplace leaving me with about…hummm…NO space to decorate.  I thought this was a great way to take advantage of a small mantle area by using willow branches to fill the vertical space.

The one part of Fall decorating is pumpkins and mums!  I can’t wait to decorate the front porch this year!

Maybe even the entryway needs a makeover!  I love the bat tree!  This set up is so simple and minimal.  Great design without the clutter!

So many ideas and now it is time to get to work!

Fall Bucket List

Can you believe that we nearing the end of summer already?  It is hard to believe that Fall is anywhere in our near future in the south right now.  It was 95 degrees outside when I got in my car this afternoon!  Crazy right?  I am ready for the leaves to start turning beautiful shades of red and orange.  I’m ready for pumpkins and mums and hot apple cider.  I love Fall!  You know what is also great about Fall?!  Being able to pull out your favorite pair of jeans,  those worn in boots and cozy sweaters!  There is also so many fun things to do during the Fall that I was inspired by several other awesome bloggers out there to create my very own Fall Bucket List.  It is a great way to make sure you make the most of the season, spend time with the family and make lots of great memories!

Print your own copy of my Fall Bucket List!

5×7     8×10     16×20

So don’t worry I will keep you up to date as we cross off each thing on the list.  I’m so excited!  What activities would you put on your Fall Bucket List?  Do you have fun family traditions?  I would love to hear about them!

Happy Soon To Be Fall Y’all!