Crazy Toddler Mornings

Life around here is kind of crazy.  With Jake tracked out of school and Emma Grace being all over the place every second of the day they keep me on my toes.  It seems like I haven’t pulled out my camera as as much as I normally try to but I did take a couple minutes to capture the new craziness of toddler mornings with Emma Grace.  She has become distructive!  Well not really she is just being a curious toddler but our mornings have become very interesting around here.

It started out that if I wasn’t looking and left the bathroom cabinet door open, she would crawl as fast as she could to get inside so that she could explore everything under the sink.  Within the last couple days though she has figured out how to open the doors even though they don’t have knobs on them.  She is pretty proud of herself!

Then when the sink becomes boring it is on to her big box of blocks!

It was one of Jake’s favorites toys when he was her age!

Once we are done with the blocks we have to go scream “hello” to whoever is downstairs!  She will scream “DAADAA!” or “BRAHBRAH!” (for brother) until someone answers her!

Then maybe if no one answers she may get a little frustrated and try to scale the railings like a monkey.

Oh Emma Grace I always knew you were going to be handful but you are just so much fun to play with!

Fall Table Decor :: Inspiration Wednesday

This afternoon I’m taking a break from Fall decorating for Inspiration Wednesday post because today I NEED some inspiration!  If you follow us on Facebook (if not you better stop by and “Like” our page to see what we are up to!) you already know that we started putting up the Halloween decor yesterday.  I hadn’t gotten out anything yet for Fall but while Jake is out of school I figured we would spend some time this week just the two of us.  I kind of have a rule that if the holiday is at the end of the month I have to wait  until the beginning of that month to decorate (like Halloween and Christmas) but if the holiday is in the middle of the month (like Valentine’s Day) I put them up usually when I get around to it!  So it feels weird to me already bringing out the Fall decor let alone the Halloween goodies!

So anyways I’ve started putting up everything and I’ve hit a wall.  I do enjoy decorating my dining room table for the holidays but let’s be honest…I kind of suck at it.  I think it comes from frustration because I have this HUGE gorgeous table that Jeremy and I bought with gift money from our wedding.  It could easily fit 10-12 people but…I only have four chairs!  You see we bought it from this unfinished furniture store and finished the table, chairs and a matching china cabinet and hutch all at the same time, but we only had enough money for four chairs at the time.  Of course the chairs we picked out were like around $80 or $100 a piece so buying more of them just hasn’t been on the to do list.  (P.S. Mom or Dad if you are reading today I really think we would like some for Christmas – but Jeremy said they are on my list because he wants more tools!)  ANYWAYS…I think I get frustrated because I have this big table that would look beautiful with all of these fun plates and stuff but when you only have four chairs it looks weird to set a place for 8 or 10 ya know?  So I went scouting out a couple of more ideas for my huge table and thought I would share!

Remember this beauty from my post about Incorporating Fall Into the Home?  Still love this one more than anyone I have seen in a long time!

Bliss At Home

How about these cute place tags?  I love the simple and beautiful green, white and brown colors!

The Happier Homemaker

Love bringing a little bit of nature to the table too!

Sweet Something Designs

I still love the idea of bringing in bright colors on a twist of the traditionally muted Fall colors.

Refresh Restyle

Yet again soft neutrals are so classic!

AKA Design

Humm where to start?  Well first things first I need to go hem a tablecloth!

Beautiful Block Printed Textiles by Haveli Design :: Nursery Tuesday

For those of you who don’t know I went to school for textiles and I loved my textile design classes!  I have a deep love and appreciation…well obsession…for beautiful unique fabrics!  This week I came across Haveli Design based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia from on Babyology (they are lifestyle website based out of Australia with some of the coolest companies that aren’t available in the States – sign up for their weekly newsletters here!)

Haveli’s nursery bedding is printed on super soft cotton voile using block printing.  Block printing is “an ancient Indian technique whereby motifs carved into blocks of wood are stamped onto cloth by hand, to create unique and charming effect. An anecdote to mass production, no two pieces are exactly alike.”


Haveli’s designer and owner Karmin says that she “came across a lady selling clothing made from embroidered Indian dupattas (shawls) at a market in Melbourne. My heart actually started pounding, I got so excited. From then on I would spend my spare time researching different embroideries and buying old Chinese wedding skirts and Japanese Wedding Kimonos on eBay. I spent pretty much all of my holidays travelling to new countries to find new textiles and embroideries.”  Wow sounds like someone I can definitely relate to!

Right now they are selling three-piece bedding set including a fitted sheet, skirt and blanket.  The blankets have block printed elephants on one side and the Jali motif on the reverse.

They also offer quilted pillows that feature a button closure.  I wish I was little so I could snuggle up with them!

So what do you do if you already have finished your nursery and your husband says no you can not change everything just because you have “fallen madly in love” with their gorgeous fabrics?  Oh not to worry because Haveli also has a line of clothing for both babies and children!!  They have also recently announced that they will be expanding their line to include ladies as well.  I can’t wait to see what they will offer!

How beautiful are those prints??  One of my favorites has to be the Jali Mexican Dress!  The details are breath-taking!

Don’t you love the bloomers with their Kurta tops?  Check these out!

Make sure to stop Haveli’s site to check out all of their current offerings and if you have time to stop by Karmin’s blog to learn more about the process of block printing, her travels as well as her obsession with textiles just like me!

Happy 4th Birthday to Little Man!

Happy 4th Birthday Buddy Buddy!!

I know you have already heard Aunnie sing you Happy Birthday a million times today but be prepared because you are going to hear it again a dozen more times before you go night night.  Four years ago we were all so anxious to meet you.  Mommy and Ahma came to visit Aunnie at her work and you had already told Mommy that you were on your way and we were so excited.  Ahma made Mommy walk around all day to make sure she got enough exercise and she was SO tired.  That night Uncle Jeremy, Jakie and I went to bed and after only being asleep for a little bit your Daddy called me and said “It’s time to go Kyson is on his way!”  We all rushed up to the hospital and couldn’t wait to see you.  In the mean time we all waited very patiently for you in the waiting room.


Auntie Roquel and Jakie snuggled up to stay awake…


…but Uncle Jeremy decided to take a nap.  It was the middle of the night after all!!!


Then Daddy came and told us Mommy was going to have to have surgery so we could meet you even sooner!!  As soon as we could we all ran back and took turns to see you!  You want to know how happy you made your Mommy?  Look at Mommy’s face!  This is the first second she was finally able to hold you!


Daddy could hardly wait to hold you too!


Ahma cried because she was so happy to finally see you and know that you and Mommy were okay!

And then we realized how much hair you had!  WOW!  Jakie didn’t have that much hair until he was two years old!  Your Mommy had sooo much hair just like you when she was born!


Little man you have brought us all so much laughter and so much joy since you were born!  You are the brother that Jakie always wanted and even though you two are crazy sometimes I am so happy that you have each other.


You fight as if you were brothers!  Ahma said the two of you remind her of Mommy and Aunnie when we were little just a little bit more dramatic!


You see even though I’m just your Aunnie I love you just as much as if you were my own baby boy.  I’ll always be here to help kiss your boo boos all better and pick you up when you fall.  When you get older and think that your Mommy and Daddy are silly and just don’t understand you can always run away to my house (Just kidding Mommy!! 🙂 ) You have grown up so much over the last several years and I am so proud of you!

KJ_Birthday10You always know how to make us smile with your goofy laugh and your silliness brightens up my day!  So take your time growing up okay? We have so many fun years ahead of us!KJ_Birthday11

Happy Birthday!!



Modern Quilts :: Inspiration Wednesdays

Ever since Emma Grace’s crib went from this…

to this…

I have been bummed.  As a fabric loving girl the idea of my baby having a naked crib makes me sad.  I mean the pretty pink drawer is awesome but there is no more fun fabric!!  So, I’ve been thinking about making her a quilt.  She is old enough now and lets be honest she has been sleeping with her own blankie in the crib for awhile.  While we are on the discussion of full disclosure…it will probably take me a LONG time to get one done for her so I’m setting a realistic goal…Emma Grace will have a quilt by the time we convert her crib into a toddler bed…which is a long time from now.  🙂  I’m having a hard time trying to decide what I should do.  There are so many beautiful quilts out there for inspiration!! What do you think???

Craftiness is Not Optional

Blue Elephant Stitches via Linda on Pintrest

Hyacinth Quilt Design via Nadine L. on Pintrest

Bijou Lovely via Katie M. on Pintrest

Jenn of All Trades via Kimberly W. on Pintrest

Sew Kind of Wonderful  via Erica C. on Pintrest

Farfalla Gialla on Etsy

V and Co. via Candice D. on Pintrest

Happy Together

I love this pattern!  It is called the New Wave Quilt from Elizabeth Hartman at Oh, Fransson!  Jessica from Happy Together made this one for her daughter and I LOVE the way it turned out.  Check out the original too!

Oh, Fransson!

Namoo on Etsy from Oh So Beautiful Paper