Custom Modern Nursery Side Table :: Nursery Tuesday

First I want to thank all everyone for the overwhelming number of compliments on Emma Grace’s dresser update that I featured last week! You guys are the best!  So this week I thought I would share another furniture piece that we made for the nursery.  In the corner of the nursery by the rocker I knew I wanted some sort of side table that I could at least put her baby monitor on and maybe a glass of water to keep me going through those midnight feedings.  Jeremy volunteerd his amazing wood working skills and said that he would make me something so I would finally stop trolling Craigslist!  So, I turned over all control to him (which by the way never happens 🙂 ) and let him do his thing and I got one fun and funky little side table!

Custom Side Table by jRoxDesigns

I love how it turned out.  It is funky and modern but works great with the traditional style of the dresser all at the same time!  Jeremy even rounded the edges of the table top to mimic the details of the dresser.

Custom Side Table Top by jRoxDesigns

My favorite part?  Guess how much the entire project cost us?  ZERO…ZILCH…NADDA!  He used all scrap wood he had lying around and paint we had on hand.  Now granted we do have quite a bit of scrap wood because of how much woodworking he does but still even if we had bought the wood the cost would have been minimal.  Another one of favorite features of the table is the legs.

Custom Side Table by jRoxDesigns

Funky right?  They remind me of giraffe legs which is too funny because guess what one of the accent fabrics we used in her nursery was?

Premier Prints Gisella White-Candy Pink Fabric

Oh little fun baby giraffes!  Aren’t they cute?  Okay another fun fact about this side table.  Take a look at the photo below again and see if you can see anything that might “match up” to the table.

Custom Painted French Provencal Dresser by jRoxDesigns

Do you see it?  Check out the back of the changing tray on the top of the dresser.  Now look at the legs of the table.  Do you see it yet?  Jeremy actually used the scrap piece of wood that he cut out from the top of the back of the changing table for the legs!  Before Emma Grace was born I worked at a an awesome baby boutique and when we lost our vendor who made changing table trays my very talented hubby stepped in to help.  So, the top of four changing tray backs were turned into side table legs.  Pretty cool huh?

Alright stay tuned because next week I’m going to show you an update to her crib and how we have changed things up over the past year.  We are getting so close to a final reveal!  Are you ready?!?!?!


8 thoughts on “Custom Modern Nursery Side Table :: Nursery Tuesday

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  4. WOW!!!!! Your nursery has absolutely got of the most AMAZINNNNNG upcycled painted furniture I have ever laid eyes on. If I had a girl I’d be tempted to mock all of it!! It’s so Gorg, I’m obsessed with your dresser mirror combo & am so tempted to do the same (with an aqua of course) for my sons nursery! So beautiful & unique.

    • Thank you Becca so much for your compliments! My sweet little girl just turned 3 and I love the fact that I can completely change her room around and even though the dresser combo is so unique it will be able to grow with her for I’m sure a couple re-designs over the years. Some people find the idea of refinishing furniture to be a bit daunting but it is much easier than you think and is SO rewarding! Go for it and try out something fun and bold for your son’s nursery and I’m sure you will not regret it!

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